2018.02.01 - 2018.02.28

Flora Scott


Flora Scott is a British Artist whose practice is concerned with an on-going exploration of the object and materiality. She is interested in the everyday artefacts we live amongst. She responds to her encounters with objects, searching for meaning among the flood of everyday ‘stuff’ to create works that speak of our relationships to the material world.

Flora’s practice is a balance of intuitive hands on making, alongside her reading into object studies, design history and materiality. She seeks to realize new connotations and reappraise the preconceived associations and set functions of objects through interdisciplinary methods of working ranging from photography, sculpture to assemblage. Flora sets free the potential of objects and their material properties to allow them to become something other and something more. She believes in extending what exists into what can be, resulting in works that exist between the familiar and unfamiliar.

During her time at Youkobo Flora plans to explore and respond to Japanese material culture. Taking scavenging trips around Tokyo, she will encounter and gather objects the city offers to play with back at the studio. This will coincide with research trips to museums where she will encounter artefacts and gain further information and ideas to work with. The visual and physical information she collects will be treated as referential material and muses for larger photographic and sculptural works that will develop.

Flora aims to focus on the emblematic language and social importance the object holds in both contemporary Japanese consumer culture and traditional culture. She will be reflecting on Japan’s devotion to commodities as well as objects of ritual and worship that are intrinsic to Japanese culture.

Date 2018.02.01 - 2018.02.28
Place AIR-2