2017.05.01 - 2017.09.30

Dan Isomura

Dan Isomura
Artist. Born in 1992 in Tokyo. Based in Tokyo. Graduated from the Faculty of Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts in 2016. He was a member of the second generation of students of Genron Chaos*Lounge New Art School in 2017, where he received the Gold Award in the annual exhibition juried by Makoto Aida, Kousai Hori, Kouichi Watari, Teiya Iwabuchi, Hiroki Azuma, and Youhei Kurose. Recent works have focused on the reinterpretation of contemporary Buddhist art in Thailand, in addition to collaborative projects with Nepalese immigrants living in Japan. His works can be seen as kitsch, disordered illustrations of contemporary society in which a complex fusion of different cultures and materials are brought into sharp relief.

In recent work, I'm interested in the transformation of and reactions between all manner of things from a physical to a social level. During this program, I will conduct research and create works focusing on the movement of peoples between national borders based on significant social events occurring on the world stage since 2016. During my time at Youkobo Art Space, I intend to work with refugees and asylum seekers, and learn about their situations in Japan. In London, my focus will be on the creation of work that responds to research in relation to the state of society following the Brexit vote.

Date 2017.05.01 - 2017.09.30
Place Studio 3
Website http://danisomura.tumblr.com
Website https://twitter.com/ohayoudog
Website http://Instagram.com/danisomura?