'Youkobo Art Space Overlapping Tendencies' Witten by Forde Visser

'Youkobo Art Space Overlapping Tendencies'
Witten by Forde Visser
Photography by Utako Shindo

Linda Swansonさん (aka Forde Visser)によるエッセイと、進藤詩子さんのイメージからなる記事をご覧に下さい。

Today, an essay about Youkobo was published in the latest issue of the Openhouse magazine, EU.
' Youkobo Art Space Overlapping Tendencies
Witten by Forde Visser
Photography by Utako Shindo 


This was made possible by the relationship of artist Utako Shindo, who carried out a three-month residency activity at Youkobo from the end of last year, December to February this year. 
Please Check out her essay by Linda Swanson (aka Forde Visser), her benefactor during research and research activities in the United States over 2019/20201, and an article with an image of Shiko Shindo. 
Please refer to the following for the latest Youkobo AIR activities of Utako Shindo.
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