2018.05.01 - 2018.06.14

Alice Jacobs


Artist Profile:
Alice Jacobs is a British artist who works with performance and incorporates sculptures and installations to facilitate these live works. Alice installs herself into spaces that are meticulously considered. Once chosen, the site specific sculptures are arranged in proportion to her body, usually consisting of defunct or repurposed objects. The sculptures host the performances, initiating them as tools that transport her body. Alice deals with topics related to religious iconography and caged femininity. Often the works address and confront issues with the way women are perceived and disregarded in conventional society.

Residency Plan:
During the residency at Youkobo Art Space Alice will research limitations of nudity, shame, self-display, physical and psychological inhibition by collaborating with Butoh dancers and Onsen managers to investigate social reservations and observe actions. Alice will examine Butoh dancing and Onsens as one looks into action, and the other into environment, to question how the action enters the environment through the gaze of the onlooker that shifts in different cultures. Alice intends to learn how to interpret an unspoken aspect that people use to communicate. She hopes these movements will provide a gateway to access and control a more primitive aspect of performance. Heightened by the language barrier, actions become a way of communicating unspoken words. Through the tradition of nudity in Onsens, where the body is accepted in the public realm, a way of respecting the body that is different to British culture can be traced. This transition between acceptance and shame is fundamental to Alice’s research during the Youkobo residency.

Date 2018.05.01 - 2018.06.14
Place AIR-2
Website https://www.instagram.com/london_tokyo_y_air/


  • OPEN STUDIO:6/6-6/10 12:00-19:00(Last day till 17:00)