2016.05.02 - 2016.06.15

Sean Lavelle


Born 1991, London UK. Lives & works in London UK.

Support & form in exchange with space/architecture. Support & form must deal with the space and architecture they are placed in productively so that their interaction can be exterior to support & form.

Materials determine form.
Materials are utilised in their available form; trade dimensions Determine scale. Materials such as cement or vehicle wrapping vinyl are chosen based on their physical attributes for example cement’s liquidity or vehicle wrapping vinyl’s ability to stretch under heat.

Material and form/shape.
Materials are used in a practical manor they are allowed to act naturally thus determine their shape.

Support and space/architecture allow for expansion beyond the plane of support. The materials I use can expand to reference associations & kinships exterior to the works.

Object/Form negotiates between support/composition. Composition is dictated support and/or form and/or components composition is evenly distributed. Object/Form are developed in relation to support/plane (& vice versa). Each support requires it’s on logic of component forms as it’s form changes from horizontal to vertical and its required to touch
on different ideas but some forms remain consistent throughout the work to create a relationship/Motif between pieces.

Residence Plan:
Youkobo presents an opportunity to reconsider my approaches to materials & context. I plan to use the duration to assess how being in a new place provides different, foreign materials and methods of making. I will begin by observing material utilization & how people engage with making on a daily basis. I will try to interrogate how I make the initial choices which lead to works, for example how I choose materials/engage with new materials & techniques. Often how a material is presented informs how I will engage with it. “Material” here is not limited to materials but also to anecdotal history and mimesis.

Date 2016.05.02 - 2016.06.15
Place AIR-B
Website http://seanlavelle.com/
Website http://seanlavelle-youkobo.tumblr.com/