2015.04.04 - 2015.04.18

Ari Saarto&Riitta Päiväläinen


Ari Saarto, born 1961 in Finland, has many exhibitions mainly in Europe as a member of the photographer group,
Helsinki School, consisting of lecturers, students and graduates of the University of Art And Design. Mr. Saarto is
one of the leading photographers presently based in Helsinki.
Saarto’s works, which were taken in homeless people’s residence and the scene of a murder, remind you, at first
sight, of a documentary photograph which is characteristic of journalism. However, his theme is something else
as shown in his way of applying a traditional landscape technique in his images in which unreality is depicted.
Saarto mentioned, “I am interested in the historical layers of landscape and particularly in the values associated
with landscape and space. A picture of space can also be seen as a picture of human psyche”. When looking at
the images he depicts, the viewer perceives some signs and recognizes that they indicate an absence of
somebody/something which previously had existed. The images can lead you to think of not just the present time
but a transcendental viewpoint made with the accumulation of memories and time.
Saarto, being aware of superficial characteristics of photographs/projection which tend to be deceptive in a
record of happenings, is yet attempting to extract “past ? present ? reality in the future” in his works with an air of
tension. He will show us a new recognition of perception.

1: still from the series of video work: Portraits, Conversations (2015).
Video Portrait, 16:9.

2: Forest #2 from the series Forest (2015).
Archival pigment print, Diasec, 90 by 135 centimeters. Edition 7 + 2 AP.

SERENE, 2013
(Series River Notes)
Edition A: 175x 245 cm, ed 5 + (2 AP)
Editon B: 140 cm x 195 cm. 5 + (2 AP)

(Series River Notes)
Edition A: 175 cm x 215 cm, ed 5 + (2 AP)
Editon B: 140 cm x 175 cm, ed 5 + (2 AP)

Date 2015.04.04 - 2015.04.18
Place AIR-C
Website http://www.asaarto.fi/arisaartobiography.html
Website http://helsinkischool.fi/artists/riitta-paivalainen/portfolio/portfolio-36/
Website http://www.ycassociates.co.jp/cnt/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/4664f7c0fb86b662b4382cb91405b9a81.pdf


  • Ari Saarto “CIRCLES” March 14 (Sat) ? April 8 (Weds), 2015 Venue: Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room shinjuku
  • 「River Notes」  会場:Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room shinjuku 2015年4月11日(土)- 5月2日(土) 12:00-19:00(休:日、月、祝日)