Y-AIR, Finland Japan AIR 交換プログラム2017 進行中!!

升谷 絵里香 (8月 at Art Break), Tuija Teiska(8-10月 at 遊工房&天空の芸術祭,東御市) [日本、フィンランド ]

2017.08.01 - 2017.08.31

The proposed project is principally coordinated by Youkobo Art Space located in Tokyo, Japan in partnership with Art Break, located in Ii, Finland from 2017. 

Art University and AIR cooperation based exchange program between Japan and Finland will start from 2017. The program will focus on exchanging young and emerging artist/researchers, and common theme and approach is to be environmental art, local culture, craft and design using materials from the nature.

First year and piloting case will be conducted in 2017, when Japanese young researcher/artist travels to North of Finland in the beginning August for 6 weeks.

Japanese party is inviting in turns, Finnish young artist/researcher to Tokyo and Tomi City from middle of August to mid October for 2 months. Both of exchange artists will meet in Lapland in August and in Japan in September. Finnish artist stays 2 weeks at the residency in Youkobo, Tokyo and after that joins the art event in Tomi City in order to make installation work. Japanese artist has an The organizations supporting the exchange, 

in Finland are:

- Art Break AIR program, Ii

- Lapland University, Rovaniemi

- Artists' Association of Lapland

 in Japan the organizing parties are:

- Youkobo AIR program, Tokyo, Japan

- Tokyo University of the Arts/ Tokyo

Tenku Art Festival 2017,Tomi City

展示期間 2017年08月01日(火) - 2017年08月31日(木)
展示場所 in Ii City in August. 8月にIi市内にて|in Tomi City in September-Octover. 東御市での展示は9/30-10/29
作家HP http://ericamasuya.sakura.ne.jp/