related activities

1.Yuko Kotera 

Lives and works in Amsterdam, Holland

kotera Internship period: 

October – July, 2006 (10 months)

Outline of activities:

Undertook training and work experience at Youkobo Art Space. Assisted with the establishment of the intern system. Participated in the planning of a meeting of nationwide alternative art spaces organized by Yokohama City, and engaged in the organization of a mutual exchange project between Tokyo and Belfast (Youkobo Art Space and Queens Street Studios)

Activities following the internship: After returning to her home country, she worked for the head office of Trans Artists.


2.Jaime Humphreys

Born in the UK, lives in Tokyo.

jaime Internship Period: 

August, 2007 – July,2008 (12 months)

Outline of activities:

Undertook training and work experience at Youkobo Art Space. Participated in “Independent Creative Spaces Leadership Training” organized by ASEF for art managers in Paris. Contributed to the creation of a mid-term plan for the Youkobo AIR program. Was engaged in Youkobo’s art activities within the community (Trolls in the Park, Art Kids, etc.).

Activities following the internship: After working as English instructor, translator, and art coordinator at 3331 Arts Chiyoda, he is currently working as AIR program coordinator and supervisor of the Youkobo “Art Kids” program
He is also a practicing artist.


3.Marta Grasia

Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain

marta Internship period:  

January – July, 2009 (7 months)

Outline of activities:

Undertook training and work experience at Youkobo Art Space. Concurrently with the start of her internship program, she initiated her own independent project, inviting artists and applying for funding to hold an exhibition 6 months after her internship in November 2009. While resident in Japan, she carried out research into the current state of AIR in Spain and Latin America, going on to present her findings at the J-AIR Forum (domestic AIR network).

Activities following the internship: Upon returning to her home country, she has been involved in the establishment of an international AIR network. The research she carried out during her internship has contributed to the database of the international AIR network Trans Artists.
She is also engaged in a network of Spanish AIR.


4.Utako Shindo

Born in Tokyo, returned to Japan after living 9 years in Melbourne, Australia.

shindo Internship period:

January – March, 2011 (3 months)

Outline of activities:

Undertook training and work experience at Youkobo Art Space. Conducted research about the diversity of AIR programs, and the formation of a network.
She planned and implemented the “critique session” which connects the gallery and residence programs. This has become one of Youkobo’s continuing activities.

Activities following the internship: She continued to work as gallery program coordinator while also assisting with the AIR program.
She supervised the organization of “Microresidences” (small-scale AIR programs run by artists), an international symposium held in response to the opening of the 2013 Rest Artis general meeting in Tokyo, while also compiling and publishing a report at its conclusion.
Since then, she has joined the Doctoral degree course of the Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne to undertake research and pursue her own creative practice.


5.Emma Ota

Born in the UK, lives in Tokyo

ema Internship Period: 

June – December, 2011 (7 months)

Outline of activities:

Engaged in a full-scale research of the actual state of “microresidencies” in all parts of the world, making efforts to carry out a survey of 160 domestic and overseas art spaces followed by an analysis of the gathered data. The results were compiled in an interim report and made public through the Youkobo website.
She also contributed to an analysis of the characteristics of members belonging to the Res Artis database, as well as the improvement of the administrative work of Youkobo staff.
She also participated in Youkobo’s community-based activities such as Trolls in the Park and Art Kids.

Activities following the internship: Has continued to investigate the possibilities of a microresidence network. While engaging in numerous activities through Youkobo, she is developing workshops and various other independent community-based art activities while also working as translator.