2016.02.01 - 2016.02.29



Hildoceras is the collaborative artistic practice of Josh Richardson (1991) and Josh Shackleton (1992). Working within audiovisual, installation based media, the two artists explore concepts which discuss aspects of environment and the perception of landscape. Previous installations such as TS10 have served to objectify the presence of industry evident across the North East coast of England. Alongside these experiments in basic representation of environment, other notable work from the artists introduces an element of abstraction and fragmentation. Through this the work provokes an observation of multiple perspectives simultaneously, resultantly allowing viewers to appreciate the more finite, less explicit detail of a landscape. The on going collaboration continues to create interactive simulations through their extensive study on landscape, through which sound and video are symbiotically persuasive of a reinterpretation of the individual, personal habitats we depend upon in everyday life. The ultimate value achieved from the works’ tendency to effectively marry varied qualities of sound and image allows for Hildoceras’ work to act as a simulation of environment.

Residence Plan:
Sourcing audiovisual recordings from locations within Tokyo and further afield in Japan, the artists intend to document contrasting aspects of industrial/urban lifestyles and natural landscapes. Research shall be made on contemporary attitudes towards these contrasts on both social and environmental levels. Initial research shall explore the thriving metropolis of Tokyo and how cultural heritage is affected and preserved. This research shall be made through videographic and sound based recordings, which shall later be compiled into work to be projected large scale, creating insular simulated environments. The resultant body of work should inspire audiences to reconsider their daily surroundings.

滞在期間 2016.02.01 - 2016.02.29
滞在場所 AIR-A
作家HP http://www.hildoceras.co.uk/
作家HP https://vimeo.com/joshrichardsonart