2016.12.01 - 2017.01.31

Franck Lesbros


Profile :

Franck Lesbros is a french artist. He lives and works in New York. The work of Franck Lesbros is essentially video, yet in some ways, one could say that it could be an hybrid between installation and sculpture. His films take scenery into ingenious models that are activated as puppets for the shoot. They are the only protagonists of an "atmospheric" disturbing action, backed by precise editing. Volumes are activated as and when required by the narrative, backed up with simple special effects, which compose a poetic vocabulary of its cinematic language. When he talks about his work, Franck Lesbros references Ed Wood and Beckett, followed by accounts of his shooting adventures, during which almost anything can happen. The inevitable results are videos with the freshness of experimentation.

Residence Plan:

On residency in Youkobo Art Space, his purpose is to make a video evoking maritime phenomena through various artistic devices, drawing parallels with visual art and cinema. The events will be both climatological (changes in light and color, rain, clouds, winds, currents), and catastrophic (explosions, waves, storms, whirlpools, tsunami ...). The video will aim to offer a trip over water, the subject being the sea, its variations, its movements, its colors, its whims and changes.The maritime and seismic particularity of Tokyo city intends to influence the development of the video. The music will be a collaborative work with Japanese musicians.

Date 2016.12.01 - 2017.01.31
Place AIR-1
Website http://www.francklesbros.com