2016.03.01 - 2016.03.31

Karien Vandekerkhove


Over the past years Karien Vandekerkhove has created a series of works in a variety of media and uses drawing, installation, scale models and photography as primary modes of expression. 'Sight,' 'smell,' 'space' and undoubtedly 'memory' are regular actors in Vandekerkhove's presented projects. In writing and speaking about her images she often uses terms as ‘almost perfect’ and 'sharply clean'. Her work always involves explorations in light and space, muses that evoke perception & feeling at once. ‘I confess, i drink light’ is one of her latest sayings.

Project proposal “sKinHouse ‘ed.2”
The ‘sKinHouse’ series are part of a larger project entitled “iDeclare“. The projects are
site-specific & consist of primal structures assembled from extremely delicate elements.

“sKinHouse ‘ed.2” is a continuation on “sKinHouse ‘ed.1” (Nov 2014 Joya: arte + ecologia,
Spain ) and will be created specifically for one of the galleries @ Youkobo Art Center in Tokyo,
Japan. The installation is planned as a solo version and will be build in a specific fabric made
for gowns characteristic of European grandmothers during the 1960’s. The proportion for the
structure will be based on the floorpan of a Yojohan (four-and-a-half) mat room in combination with the facade of a typical Flemish farm
shed in the 1900’s. As the installation is intended to interact with the abundance of the natural
light in the gallery space, the optical effect of luminosity will be literally drawn by the sun in
day time, outside & inside the construction. ‘Light’ & ‘space’ will be tangible substances in
experiencing “sKinHouse ‘ed.2” which on itself promotes a state of meditative contemplation
in a public viewing space, combining East & West.

Date 2016.03.01 - 2016.03.31
Place AIR-B
Website http://www.karienvandekerkhove.com/