2016.02.01 - 2016.02.28

Anie Nheu


1. Artist Profile
Displacement and identity have been the core in my art practice. These preoccupations are a consequence of a series of short settlements at different countries during my formative years of adolescence. These movements and followed-on exchanges of cultural influences, along with the necessary adaptations, had its social-cultural effects at the macro scale play out in full in the family life at a 'micro-cosmic' level: the reconfigurations in the family dynamic and individuals' identities as a result from adaptations of displacements and finding ones' places within a new space. One core aspect of adaptation is the act of making new connections as a way of 'making things work'. They arrest emotions as roles and spaces are re-negotiated. They shape memories and identities. All these are experienced through the body. Through this connection, the work often take on human scale in size, and its shapes are often organic. The spaces they evoke are often intimate and laden with emotion. The shapes, colours, textures and its considered placements define the space they inhabit.

2. Short summary of residence plan
My interest in applying for this residency is mainly based on returning to an environment which is unfamiliar. Japan, known for its mono-cultural identity, perhaps can enhance this experience for me. The visit will reawaken the emotions of adaptation, and finding my place as I navigate through the new environment. This will further develop my visual vocabularies through recording these emotions as I navigate through my ways during this residency. I will draw on the shapes, textures, and colours in the environment, in the living and public spaces, and in the everyday objects and crafts in Tokyo. Along with these, I will also attempt to capture the connections with the locals and their responses to my presence in their space.

Date 2016.02.01 - 2016.02.28
Place AIR-B
Website http://anie-nheu.artabase.net/