2013.12.03 - 2014.01.27

Daniel Gottin


For my artist residency at Youkobo Art Space in Tokyo I am planning to develop a site specific installation at the exhibition space using its spatial quality and possibility. The installation would result in a complex all over work consisting of several units relating to each other. The idea is to create several works made of different material, as there could be adhesive tape, panels, wood, paper, painting, photography, video which will converge to a site specific installation.
The combination of European culture and Japanese culture is building a bridge between both cultural backgrounds and societies with their similarities and differences. The installation would also reflect my own situation as a European artist in Japan. The exchange with the people on location can support understanding and bring different cultures together, making the unknown less unknown.

※Crates in Tokyo, 2007 © Daniel Göttin

Date 2013.12.03 - 2014.01.27
Place Residence 2