2013.07.02 - 2013.07.28

Justin Lee


Justin Lee's works bring a different understanding of today’s society and lifestyle with a blend of east and west cultures. Justin also seeks to record everyday lifestyles into visual art based on his cultural experience and surroundings by doubting and questioning appearances. He believes that art plays an important part in helping people to grow, while it also plays the important role of bringing about greater self-awareness. His current residency will reflect on how nature is being controlled and constructed by humans in our daily lives. His works also reflect upon how words, objects and images control and construct our thoughts and expression.

Date 2013.07.02 - 2013.07.28
Place Residence 1
Website http://www.justinleeck.com


  • Open Studio 7/20 (Sat) - 7/27 (Sat)
  • Opening Party 7/20 (Sat) 18:00 ~