2013.09.05 - 2013.09.24

Ade Putra Safe 


Artist Bio
Born in Singapore, 1988, Ade Putra Safar is currently pursuing his BA (Hons) Fine Arts Programme in LASALLE College of the Arts. Ade is versatile in the use of mediums and materials. He references heavily from photographs he collected from internet sources, magazines, articles and photographs captured by him. He draws his inspiration from everyday experiences and architecture in particular, involving different aspects of visual aesthetics, such as color and mood. Ade has participated in several group shows with a few local galleries, the Bank Art Fair 2013 in Hong Kong and the Georgetown Art Festival in Penang, Malaysia. He also exhibited works with six more local and Japanese artist in a recent group show at The Japan Creative Centre, Singapore.
Methodology:Layer is a vital component in my art making process. Through layers, I create a depth that suggests the intricate nature of the cityscape. I also selectively identify geometric shapes and forms from photographs of the cityscape, and later which I applied them into my artworks. Even the colours will be selectively considered. Processed colours will be primarily used to signify the city as a crucial thriving spot that comprises the core of Singapore's financial activities. Monochromatic tones will also be used, though sparingly, to retain its nature of a concrete infrastructure.

Date 2013.09.05 - 2013.09.24
Place Residence 2