Parallel Perception & Counter Connection@JCC
2014年02月7日 - 2014年02月28日
シーユン・ヨー/ジャスティン・リー/アデ-・プトゥラ・サーファ/カイルラー・ラヒム [シンガポール]





Zone Eclipse@INSTINC
2014年01月25日 - 2014年01月26日

For Chihiro's works, she will be creating drawings made with black and coloured pens she brought from Japan. The works will be abstract on Epson glossy paper. For her, when something cannot be seen - that is when the imagination is stimulated the most. Not showing something - that is one way of creating an impression of an existence that is stronger than when it can be seen.

When trying to create an artwork through the negative act of not showing, you need to create a suitable "doorway" by which the viewer's imagination can be stimulated. She chooses painting to be that "doorway." She thinks the most suitable paintings for that task are abstract paintings, because they demand a lot of the viewer's imagination. She makes many tens of thousands of lines in the paintings, and yet she never actually depict anything. You could say that the lines she makes are horizons, borders between the visible and the invisible. As such they are absolute, and cannot be crossed by her or the viewer.

During her time in Singapore, Kabata Yuuri created a series of black and white paintings that were developed by assigning rules to each painting. In each work fixed rules are assigned, and they are painted following those rules. When painting tied to these laws, the non-fixed surface of the painting is a solitary job, and the act of production itself creates the work as a result. In the same way that there are limitless possibilities for complication in the repetition of simple expressions, the world that we know has acquired complexity in its repetitive formative processes.

City Dwellers:Urbanites of Tokyo@遊工房アートスペース
2013年09月18日(水) - 2013年09月22日(日)
アデ-・プトゥラ・サーファ/カイルラー・ラヒム [シンガポール]


Mosaic Triangle@INSTINC
2013年08月23日 - 2013年08月25日

In “Mosaic Triangle”, two sisters will feature two series of works inspired by their experience during 1 month stay in Singapore. They will show new paintings, paper cutouts, drawings and objects, also recent works.
Aya Murakami's works move between the boundaries of painting, collage, and sculpture, obscuring and reconstructing the subject as she goes along. Through this process, rather than completing the story in the exhibition space, sheis more interested in finding a total harmony between the viewpoints that derive from each individual work. Familiar motifs selected by searching a deeply-ingrained personal history, surrounding environments, and the landscape of her thoughts, are given uniformity through color and brush mark. She is striving for a method where, in an instant, a total image becomes visible from the unfurling interconnections of smaller parts. In this show she focuses on an assemblage of color, pattern or motif from personal experience during her stay.
Kaoru Murakami is concerned with identity and how its' structures affected by the hidden history and imagination, or times and geographical position. Her works is inspired by found objects and the words "I am here, and also I am there". The work is presented by a multi-way of approach through collage, object, installation and sound art. During this stay, she is exploring occupation heritages in Singapore, searching for traces of her home country, Japan and UK that she used to live in, and make works through these experiences.

Robotic Love@遊工房アートスペース
2013年07月17日(水) - 2013年07月21日(日)